WWI-era Vintage Pin | Liberty Loan Button VB66
WWI-era Vintage Pin | Liberty Loan Button VB66

WWI-era Vintage Pin | Liberty Loan Button VB66

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This vintage WWI button pin bears the statue of liberty, phrase 'third liberty loan volunteer', and measures 1 inch. The piece is authentic, as it was purchased through the Ohio Valley Military Society.

This piece has been restored as close as possible to its original condition, cleaned gently by hand with steam, polishing cloths, and good old-fashioned elbow grease.

This vintage item is approximately 100+ years old and has been loved and cherished by a previous owner, there will be some slight wear or imperfections. If there is any noticeable wear or defect, it will be mentioned here: the back metal contains metal pitting and light rust. 

Per the Smithsonian: Round Liberty Loan button. The button is red with a blue border. White print on the border reads “Get Behind The Government.” White print on the red portion reads “Liberty Loan of 1917” and is cut across by a blue and white image of the Statue of Liberty.Liberty Loans were part of the U.S. government’s effort to sell war bonds (also known as Liberty Bonds) during World War I to defray the expense of war. These bonds were issued by the U.S. Treasury. The First Liberty Bond Act was passed by Congress on April 24, 1917, and the bonds began issuance shortly thereafter.Much like the use of military insignia to identify its wearer (by association with an organization) and his/her achievements, these pins and buttons were meant to be worn by Americans on the home front during World War I to show their membership in an organization and/or their contribution to a particular war effort, such as the United War Work Campaign. The pins and buttons displayed the wearer’s patriotism and generosity and undoubtedly also served to prompt others to become similarly involved in the various war efforts.

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