Meet the Hope Design Ltd. Team: Lauren Hope

Lauren is not too keen on talking about herself, but we did convince her to answer some fun questions, so you can all get to know Hope Design Ltd.'s owner, creator, and artisan a little better.

How long have you been a military spouse?
"I have been a military spouse for 11-1/2 years and I am proud to be a wartime bride. We did a courthouse wedding before Greg’s first deployment because the departure dates had changed no less than 4 times. We celebrated at Chick-Fil-A with our families immediately following the courthouse wedding. We eat Chick-Fil-A on every anniversary…except for the ones that fall on Sundays.

Children/ pets? 
"We are so lucky to be parents to some amazing boys. Our oldest son watches over us from heaven, as we raise two little boys on earth."

What are you into? 
"Coffee. I am not sure if I love coffee because it powers me to sprint through the day, or if I sprint through the day because of my love of coffee. Either way, coffee. Hot chocolate chip cookies are a close second."

"Also, Zumba, creating with my hands, and baking bread are my therapy. Gingerbread houses, WWII sweetheart jewelry, label makers, and organization make me happy. I rarely read, as I never sit still long enough to do so, however, I consider myself an avid ‘audiobook reader’. It works for me. A well-sung rendition of our national anthem gives me goosebumps. No matter how it happens - an impromptu dance party with my kids, singing 90’s rap by myself in the car, or going go-karting in full Mario costumes - I like to let the sillies out."

Why did you create Hope Design Ltd?
"I was formerly a professional cook, earning the title ‘best student chef’ by Food and Wine magazine, on Top Chef, and worked for the Ritz Carlton.

I have also been the executive chef of the Kroger company, executive sous chef of Orchids at the famed Netherland Plaza Hotel, custom cake decorator, banquet chef at the Westin Hotel, travel agent, manager at Panera, cake decorator at the commissary, and finally self-employed jewelry designer at Hope Design Ltd. - in that order. My career path took a sharp turn into instability when I married the military. It was through ingenuity, grit, and determination that I landed here as the owner of Hope Design."

If you had to choose an anthem what would it be? 
(Lauren couldn't choose just one, but instead gave us a list of songs and another list of artists... to say Lauren likes music is an understatement. We listen to a variety of music in the studio.)

Good ol’ days by Mackelmore
Cake by Flo Rida
Rapper’s Delight by Sugar Hill Gang

Lauren's Favorite Hope Design Ltd. pieces:

- Military Button Brooch: This brooch is special, because it was the brooch that Mrs. Pence was seen wearing in 2018, and it helped spark the #ShopMilitary movement.

- Patriotic American Flag Brooches: These brooches were a new creation in 2018, and they are a fantastic way to support our country without supporting a specific branch of the military.