In the process of designing, constructing and selling jewelry to customers, I am often asked how to keep the jewelry clean and free of tarnish. Here are a few of my recommendations, along with commonly made mistakes (and how to fix them!).

The first thing you need to know is that "tarnish happens" when it comes to jewelry. 

Even gold jewelry, after many years, will eventually tarnish. Tarnish is caused by the reaction of the metal to humidity and the elements. Body products (perfumes, lotions), hair care products and sweat will accelerate tarnish on jewelry.

The remedy: Try to make sure all your "body products" (hairspray, lotions, etc.) are dry before putting on your jewelry. After you are done wearing your jewelry, wipe it clean and dry with a soft cloth before storing it.

Here are some tips to take care of your piece. In the event your piece needs repair,  Hope Design Ltd. does offer in-studio jewelry repair. Returns for repairs within 14 days of the original purchase delivery date are free of charge. After 14 days, all repairs are subject to charges for repairs and/or replacement parts, as well as the cost of return shipping.