The Story of Hope Design Ltd.

My name is Lauren Hope and I’m the owner, designer, and artisan of Hope Design Ltd. I handcraft military jewelry and accessories to honor our country’s service members. I am also the wife of a soldier and the mother of two little boys. I am proud to support my husband in his military career and have found that creating jewelry provides an oasis of sanity in our unpredictable military life!

Our Backstory

Hope Design Ltd. was developed to address one of the difficulties of military life. It’s hard for a military spouse to find meaningful employment. Over the past 12 years, we’ve lived in 8 different homes. And, with two young sons, the options were even fewer. I have always been inspired by my husband’s career and his passion for military history, and the insignia and designs of the military have always fascinated me.  So I looked at what I loved to do, what I wanted to do and what I could do and created a company where I could 'create by night while the little ones sleep.'We launched in 2013, just weeks after my youngest son was born. (Yes, I must have been crazy). Sometimes I look at him and reflect on how he, and the business, were born at the same time. My, how they’ve grown! What started as a hobby has grown to an Etsy store, and now into a brand. Through moves and raising children, this portable career has brought me joy, friendship, and fulfillment.

A Rewarding Enterprise

Each piece is much more than jewelry. The emotional significance it holds for veterans and their families turns it into something much more. As a result, our customers are more like family than customers. Their overwhelming support has landed Hope Design Ltd. on the pages of Military Spouse magazine, Legacy magazine, and the popular blog Humans on the Homefront. Can you imagine my excitement when I learned that the First Lady and Second Lady of the United States are proud owners of my work? Or, that the XVIII Airborne Corps selected my jewelry as the official protocol gift for their V.I.P.  guests?