Meet the Hope Design Ltd. Team - Megan

How long have you been a military spouse?


I’ve been married to my wonderful husband Adam for 13.5 years. Adam and I got married right after college, and my journey as an Army wife began.

Children/ pets?

Adam and I are blessed to be parents to a fun-loving son and a sweet and sassy daughter. We added on to our family at back to back duty stations; one while stationed at Fort Lee, VA, and one while at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

What are you into?

Coffee, lots and lots of coffee. It fuels everything else. I also enjoying reading, watching movies with my family, and traveling. I love exploring the world in which we live and sharing unique fun experiences with my husband and children. I also have a love/hate relationship with working out… it just depends on the day.

One of my favorite travel memories of 2018 was getting to return to the Maker's Mark distillery with my husband to dip our own bottles from our own barrels. We signed up for our own barrels over 8 years ago while we were stationed at Fort Campbell back before kids when they did fun things like travel the bourbon trail. (Check out her picture in their fun bottle dipping aprons)


Why did you join Hope Design Ltd.?

I joined Hope Design Ltd. in October 2018 when my husband met Lauren at a Cub Scout meeting and they chatted over a love of Atlanta Braves baseball. I  credit Adam with finding all my best friends, and I am happy to count Lauren as one of those. After meeting Lauren over coffee, and hearing her excitement over the creation of the #shopmilitary movement, I knew I wanted to be part of her team.

If you had to choose an anthem what would it be?

I can’t narrow it down to just one. I grew up in Georgia, and I have a love for both country music and 90s hip hop. My current love is finding a random playlist on Google Play that matches my activity or mood.  

Megan’s Favorite Hope Design Ltd. pieces:

My favorite Hope Design Ltd. piece is the Sleek Silver Necklace. I wear it all the time, and I love the classic design.