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25th Infantry Division Brooch 14A

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25th Infantry Division Brooch

This brooch bears a U.S. Army 25th Infantry Division insignia centerpiece on a modern brooch. 

  • Brooch Color: Black
  • Measures 1 3/4 inches
  • Brooch Design: 14A

25th Infantry Division 

The 25th Infantry Division was formed on 1 October 1941 at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. The newly formed division was thrust quickly into service when Japanese forces attacked Oahu on 7 December 1941. Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States officially declared war on Japan and entered into World War II. The 25th Infantry Division was officially ordered to join the fight against the Japanese in the Solomon Islands. Due to their superior performance during operations in the Solomons, the division earned the nickname “Tropic Lightning”. The 25th Infantry Division has a long history of distinguished service as America’s Pacific Division.

Branch Insignia

The 25th Infantry Division insignia is a red taro leaf with a yellow lightning flash. The taro leaf is symbolic of the descent of the 25th Division from the Hawaiian Division, while the lightning flash is representative of the manner in which the Division performs its allotted assignments.