USMA Large Crest Charm
USMA Large Crest Charm
USMA Large Crest Charm
USMA Large Crest Charm

USMA Large Crest Charm

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Add a United States Military Academy (USMA) Large Crest charm to your "Create Your Own" Jewelry Bar creation.

The United States Military Coat of Arms was adopted in 1898. Col. Charles W. Larned, professor of drawing, headed a committee to design a coat of arms for the Academy. The committee began with the creation of an emblem that consisted of a sword, a universal symbol of war, and the helmet of Pallas Athena. Athena is a mythological goddess associated with the art of war. Her helmet signifies wisdom and learning. The emblem is attached to a shield, bearing the arms of the United States, and on the shield’s crest is a bald eagle, the national symbol. The eagle’s claws hold 13 arrows representing the 13 original states and oak and olive branches, traditional symbols of peace.

If you are purchasing more than one design your own item, please include a comment to let us know which item you would like the charm attached. 

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