What's New with Us

It has been an absolute whirlwind since the last time we checked in on our blog. Lauren and I both PCSed this summer, which for our non-military readers means we moved to a new Army post. PCS stands for permanent change of station. We briefly put our Hope Design Ltd. store on pause for the move and transitions this summer, and then we kicked it back into work mode. 

We have lots of studio updates. Lauren settled into her new studio, which is the front room of her new home, and she is actively designing custom pieces and creating new items to feature in both our Etsy shop and our online store.

We added new football supporter buttons to help you cheer on your team, whether you cheer for Army, Navy, or Air Force. 

We launched our new Dandelion Collection that included two new necklace designs, a new bangle bracelet, and earrings. The collection celebrates your ability to bloom where you are planted. The Dandelion is the official flower of the military child, but it is also a symbol of the resilient spirit of anyone who has faced changes and challenges in their life and bloomed in spite of wherever you were blown. My favorite part of this new collection is the mommy and me sets. 

Our latest addition to our store is our Red Poppy Earrings. Poppies are a unique flower that seeds need light to grow, so when they are buried in the ground they can remain dormant for many years without blooming. Once the soil is disturbed the seeds come to the light and bloom. During World War I, the first large scale modern war, the ground across Europe was greatly disturbed and poppies began to bloom in the midst of the destruction. The red poppy became a symbol of remembrance for those who fought and served in World War I. We are proud to offer these beautiful earrings heading into Veteran’s Day. They are a unique and beautiful way to remember all those who served and sacrificed during the World Wars.   

In addition to new jewelry collections, we also added another way you can shop Hope Design Ltd.  Got Amazon gift cards? Well, now you can use them to shop Hope Design Ltd. earrings and a selection of men’s accessories on Amazon

October is not even halfway, but we are beginning to prep for our upcoming holiday season, so be on the lookout for new blog posts, and be sure to follow us on social media for the most up to date studio announcements.  We will be back soon to the blog with more studio updates, how-tos, and fun heading into the holiday season.