Silver-plate is a popular style of metal for fashion jewelry. It is both beautiful and economical. Over time, the metal plating will wear off or tarnish. It is important to properly care for silver-plated jewelry to keep it looking nice for as long as possible. Proper care includes being conscious of how you store, wear and clean your jewelry begins the first day you received it. 


Silver-plating is a very thin layer of silver deposited on to a base metal such as copper, brass, or nickel. These jewelry pieces are more durable and generally less valuable than sterling silver jewelry pieces. If you wear the jewelry in water and don't care for it properly, the plating will eventually rub off.

Silver-filled contains 1/10th sterling silver by weight on the exterior. As with gold filled, the sterling silver layer is hundreds of times thicker than a silver plating.


Oxygen in the air will tarnish silver-plated jewelry. Properly storing your jewelry will help minimize that oxidation. Here are some storage tips:

    •    Store individual pieces separately.

    •    Store each piece in an airtight bag.

    •    Place in an area with low humidity.

    •    Keep clasps/closures unhooked.

    •    Place a packet of silica or piece of chalk in the storage bag



Wearing your silver-plated jewelry regularly without proper care will accelerate tarnishing or depletion of the silver layer. You should remove your silver-plated jewelry before doing any of the following:

    •    Using household cleaning supplies

    •    Cooking with mustard, onions, eggs, or any other foods that contain sulfur

    •    Sunbathing

    •    Swimming

    •    Spraying Hairspray

    •    Putting on Lotion and Makeup


Clean silver-plated with warm water and a mild liquid soap (like ivory dishwashing soap). Rinse and dry with a soft polishing cloth immediately to avoid mineral residue from the water.

Never use any chemicals on your rhodium items. Never use toothpaste and never brush with a toothbrush. Don't use polishing cloths that are intended for use on uncoated silver or for gold jewelry. Don't place in an ultrasonic cleaner. Never use abrasives of any kind. Never use silver dips. Never use ammonia-based products. If you have an antique or heirloom, don't clean it without consulting an expert on your item.