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WWII-era Vintage Sweetheart Pin | Ordnance and 1 Blue Star VB144

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Vintage Sweetheart Pin Ordnance and 1 Blue Star

This vintage WWII-era sweetheart pin is a sterling silver 1 blue star flag and an ordnance branch insignia.

  • Measures 1 1/4 x 3/4 inches
  • The piece is authentic, as it was purchased through the Ohio Valley Military Society.

This vintage item is over 70 years old and has been loved and cherished by a previous owner, there will be some slight wear or imperfections. If there is any noticeable wear or defect, it will be mentioned here. 

What is Sweetheart Jewelry?

Sweetheart jewelry was a token of affection from a service member originally given to their sweetheart. This tradition started during World War I, but became increasingly more popular during the World War II era (1939-1945), as cloth was being rationed as part of the war effort. As a result, clothing was unadorned and simple.

Wearing a sweetheart brooch, bracelet or necklace not only served as a connection to a loved one who was fighting overseas but gave the wearer a sense of style. Sweetheart jewelry expanded to all relations, including wife, girlfriend, mothers, and sisters.

Gift Ideas

Hope Design Ltd. jewelry and men's accessories make the perfect gift for any military event or special occasion.

  • Military commissioning ceremony
  • Military Promotion ceremony
  • Military Retirement ceremony
  • Welcome coffee
  • Hail and farewell gatherings
  • Military ball
  • Military spouse appreciation
  • Military training graduation
  • Boot Camp graduation
  • Deployment reunion
  • Going away gift
  • Care package for battle buddies
  • Thank you gift
  • Wedding gift
  • Anniversary gift
  • Volunteer appreciation and recognition
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